Wildlife – Giving nature a home

At garden maintenance we believe in creating an environment for, not just for our use but for the bugs, birds, insects and all other wildlife that live outdoors.

So here some top tips that can create the perfect environment to attract all walks of life small and big!

Using Natural materials:

  • Take some bamboo & and make a bundle and tie it than place it somewhere like the nook of a tree or a crack in an old wall or building. This will create a nest for small insects like lady birds and lacewigs
  • Attract bees and wasps by creating a place for them to lay the eggs. You can take an old timber wooden post and drills some holes in it and [place it in a nice worm sunny spot in the sun or if you have and old garden shed or old walls keep them preserved and we are sure you will end up with some nests in no time
  • Create a log piles from old fallen branches or any old wood and logs you can find, this will attract i diverse amount of wildlife from small mammals, amphibians and a lot of insects!, Also if you like hedgehogs create a taller pile with a hollow middle and this should create the perfect home for the spikey ones

Get Creative!

  • Make a pond!, create a mid deep but shallow edged pond add some pond plants for shelter or plants around the outside and this will create the biggest environment to attract a range of wildlife
    Get Planting:
  • Create a hedge row instead of fencing using hawthorn or blackthorn, not only is it a create barrier to stop intruders but birds love it. It’s a great nesting site and food source for the winter times

Lets shop:

  • Bird baths, Bird houses, bird feeders, these are just a couple of examples that attract nature in no time at all! And it doesn’t just attract birds but fill up the feeders with nuts and we are sure squirrels will be climbing around in no time.

This is just a few tips but it doesn’t take a lot to do our bit for the environment and can make the most dramatic impact also on our environment!

It doesn’t take a lot to attract wildlife just a creative mind and a natural environment where we can share the same space with fun loving creatures! Or if you like give us a call and you can be sure for us to help you along the way to creating the perfect balance whether its a small area or acres of land we Can help!