Tree Services

landscape-maintenance-24Maintaining the welfare of your garden plants, especially the heavy, large trees, sometimes require a professional touch.

Trees can branch out further than your boundaries, requiring a chop or in extreme weathers, may fall, causing an inconvenience and a safety issue to many parties. Or, for the more cosmetic types, the shape of your tree may be an unsightly thing, resulting in the need for a swanky shaping. We also can provide a ‘crown reducing’ solution to the shaping of your trees. This service maintains the natural shape of the tree, whilst reducing the height and width to a more manageable size.

Also, take advantage of our emergency service; there to rescue you from tree-related situations that need immediate attention.

This service includes:

  • Removal / Maintenance of fallen trees
  • Tree cutting
  • Crown reducing
  • Shaping
  • Reducing
  • Emergency tree cutting
  • Dead wooding