Summer is well and truly here! Whilst you lay and play in your gardens, be sure to remember that your plants need that glass of water as much as you do! Follow these tips to a jaunty July!

HOW IT’S HANGING: Your hanging baskets should be flourishing by this time, which means the habitat is perfect for invaders too. Be sure to inspect them, water them and cut back their excess growth. Be sure to purchase feed as they will need nutrients too.

TENDER PLANTS: The definition of a ‘tender plant’ is one that struggles in cold weathers. Take cuttings from them around now for a the winter months indoors.

KEEP IT FRUITY: Be sure to thin them out for a reduction in brown rot and an increase in produced crops. A good idea would be to put netting over your fruits as a deterrent from birds and squirrels. Also, feed them with a high potash liquid for health and productive growth.