With the weather starting to warm up, now would be the right time to think about adding fruits to your garden, for a juicy April. Follow these tips to a fruity garden:

EASY GROWING: If your garden does not receive much light during the day, it is best to either plant apple, pears and plums, as they are more tolerant of tricky weather conditions. Be sure to plant your trees in raised beds to prevent risk of poor drainage.

MULCH AWAY: Adding mulch (decaying leaves, bark or compost) to your fruit tree soil beds can help your fruity delights conserve their much-needed moisture. When watering your plants, be sure to do so only if the soil is dry from the top 2 inches from the surface. A ‘deep soaking’ can pretty much guarantee a juicy harvest!

PROTECT YOUR PLANTS: When you fruit trees start demonstrating blossom, be sure to cover them with a fleece during the nights, as even in April there can be some late snowfalls and frosts.