See the new year in with a fresh look on life and a resolution to give your garden a much needed, monthly TLC. Follow these tips for a rejuvenating January.

KEEP OFF THE LAWN: In the colder months, weather conditions interfere with the workings of your greenery. Frost and rain are a more prominent feature in your garden and can create damaging effects if you step on the grass. So steer clear for perfect lawns

LEAF CONTROL: This is the perfect time of year to get rid of leaves with mildew or black spots on them. If the entire plant has had its day, it is strongly advised to remove this altogether as it could affect otherwise healthier plants around it. (See February for how you will replacement them).

SEASONAL PLANT ALERT: If you feel your garden looks dull and bare this time of year, there are many winter plants out there to spruce things up a bit. Try implementing Clematis (a winter-flowering evergreen) plant into your space.